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My work is focused on contemporary figurative pieces. I am interested in the human story and the human condition.


I depict different characters inspired by my italian background, the Middle Ages and faraway lands. My dreams, people that I meet randomly everyday, and my daily life experiences, all feed my imagination.

I define my works as "Magical Realism". They are a realistic representation of a non-rational narrative. They are human, but not. Impossible characters and dreamlike figures that conjure images of fantasy and the myth.

They don't look at the viewer directly, they are absorbed in their own world, in their own dream,in their own symbol.

My material of choice is terracotta. I lovingly sculpt my pieces by hand and then fire them to 1000 degrees. I then apply oxides, which I wash off. This gives extra hue and depth to the pieces, as well as protection and a subtle sheen. I finish my work by applying glazes, lustres and transfers, to give to the piece its final and unique character.

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