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Past events
Since 2020 represented only by Bousham Gallery 
Bousham Dec Festival Popup Dukes Lane 2019
Bousham May Festival Popup Dukes Lane Brighton
Warbling London
"We can only have fun on certain days"
April 2019
Candid Gallery London
"The Absurd"
Marc 2019
Ming Gallery Brighton May 2019
Bousham Dowse Gallery Brighton June 2018
Candid Gallery London
Summer Salon Exhibition 
Jun-Jul 2018
Murmurations Art Gallery, Bexhill
Dec 2018, Winter Open
Ming Gallery Brighton
May 2018
Murmurations Art Gallery, Bexhill
Aug-Sep 2017, People these Days
Ming Art Gallery
August 2017, Brighton
Murmurations Gallery
July 2017, Bexhill
Brighton artists open houses 
May 2017
Art in the hall
Oct 2016
Exeter Street Hall, Brighton
Outsider Art Exhibition
8th -15th Sept 2016
Candid Gallery, London
Brunswick Town Art FairJuly 2016
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